Saturday, September 26, 2009

And You Wonder Why You're NOT Married III

So,where did we leave off? Oh, I remember, we were discussing ways for you to come out on the winning
 of the "I'm not married dilemma".  Well ladies, after establishing and sticking to your standards, the next and possibly most challenging aspect of the whole situation is re-evaluation of priorities.

What is the re-evaluation of priorities? Well, its seeing the whole situation from another perspective. Many women seem to like a man that does not like or want them at all, and yet there is usually a man who really would love them, respect them, take good care of them etc...but the ladies don't seem to want that particular brother.

I'm NOT suggesting that one should marry or date someone they find unattractive or undesirable in any way. However, I am saying that its good to re-evaluate what's really important. Most ladies say they are looking for someone to love them and be faithful and true to them. Even though many say all that "independent stuff", women want a man to provide. Maybe not all the material stuff but they want him to be able to do some stuff for them. And hey, why not? A man should be able to provide. That's his job, right? Of course it is.

With that in mind ladies, consider that guy that is always in your corner and looks out for you. Saves you a good seat in church or at the musical or concert, makes sure he gives you or burns you the latest music, gives you a jump when your car is dead, changes your tire, takes your son to get a haircut, runs to the store for you when you're tired or the weather is bad. Those are the type of guys that will love you sincerely. Sometimes, that guy is a friend. Sometimes, he is in another package. Maybe he didn't ride in on a stallion, maybe he drove up in a pick up truck. He may not dress the best but maybe he is willing to be just yours and yours alone. You can help him dress. Why go with the guy who is a "challenge" but then dogs you out like you are less than trash? Its all about what is really important.

Now I know some of you may be thinking, "I just can't be with anyone", "he gotta be a challenge",  and all those other excuses. Well, you have all those excuses then "You Wonder Why You're Not Married!!!" Don't be hung up on hang ups. Be something that someone would WANT to marry. Would you marry you if you were a man? Really soul search. Would you? You're lying!! No you wouldn't!! Seriously, work on the things that you KNOW are keeping you single. That irresponsibility, laziness, sloppiness, nasty attitude, conceit, arrogance, lethargy, chickenheadedness, overbearing, bad promiscuous reputation, lack of class, ghetto, hood rat, dependency, inability to mentally stimulate, boring, no drive, complacency, simplemindedness, bad habits, drama queen syndrome, prima donna syndrome, overly emotional and sensitive and on and on. Get rid of it! Give it up. Turn it loose. Then, prepare for wedding bells. I'll be the first to dance at your wedding. Until next time, Brothers, you are next.

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