Friday, May 21, 2010

Why Do You Attract the Same Person?

Hello my friends! I'm so glad to be coming back to you with yet another edition of "The Quick and Dirty" to give you even more great insight into life's situations. I've missed you terribly! Now that I'm back to stay with you, lets address the question that everyone wants to know the answer to. That question is "WHY DO I ATTRACT THE SAME KIND OF PERSON ALL THE TIME?
Now, an answer is not necessarily a solution. There is a difference. An answer is simply a response and it may be wrong or right. A solution is what puts an end to the problem. In order to find a solution we have to see what the problem is.
Obviously the problem is that you keep on getting the same person. Ladies, does it seem like every guy you get with cheats, or is controlling or domineering, or jealous, or abusive or thugish etc... Even though he has a different face and a different name he is still the same person. Do you only seem to date guys who are musicians, or athletes, or thugs, or players, etc...
Guys, do you always seem to get a woman who is weak minded, or full of drama, or crazy regardless of how she looks? Do you only date women who seem to be needy, or who are bossy, or insecure, or phony?
If we seek to identify the problem, the problem is YOU!! Yeah I said it! Its YOU!
Why is it you? Obviously because you keep getting with the same person. If you walk down the street and the dog bites you its the dogs fault, but if you walk down the same street and the same dog bites you its YOUR fault.
So, whats the solution to the problem? I thought you'd never ask. The solution is simple. Its the very same word that President Obama uses: CHANGE!
You have to change your perception and your vibe and open your mind. I stated before in another blog; "Man doesn't attract what he wants, he attracts what he IS." What are you? Are you a momma's boy who needs a mommy so you attract a bossy woman? Do you secretly loathe yourself so you get with someone abusive to help you hate yourself more? Do you crave sympathy so you get with those who do you wrong so people can sympathize and empathize with you? Oh yeah, its quite a notion to wrap your mind around. In the next edition, we will give practical solutions to solve these problems so you can finally have happiness in your life. Stay tuned!      


  1. You inspire me!... Continue to post my dear!! I love it!

  2. Thank you so much! I'm extremely humbled by your kindness