Monday, September 14, 2009

And You Wonder Why You're NOT Married

Oh my Goodness!! Why do I do this to myself every time!? I have to be crazy! Now, I do realize that after this blog, I'm gonna need security. Some of the ladies may try to kill me. At least the ones who fall into the catagories that I will explain shortly. Others will take it and apply it to life and get the great results, that many people testify to me about, from reading "The Quick and Dirty".

What I'm going to talk about in this blog is not an attack on women. It is information. Information that will help you to better understand the mindset of men in general. Trust me, I'm coming for the men next. All men are created equal but all men are not equal. At least not in the way that we think.

I hear many women say that "we out number men 7 to 1 in some places and age groups", "there are many men in prison, married or gay and there are no good ones left", "men are DOGS", "men don't want 'good' women", "men can't be faithful", "if I stick to my guns and do right, then a man will just go down the street to the next one". The list goes on and on. Though many of these things that women say may be true to some extent, it is not the "be all and end all".

So what do we think about why many women aren't married? Well, isn't it obvious? Men don't want to get married because of WOMEN!! I'm sorry, SOMEBODY had to say it. Well, there it is in nutshell.

Understand this ladies. Men are very simple creatures. We are not complex AT ALL. The Quick and Dirty on this is pretty simple. If you make life easier, we will stay. If life increases in difficulty when you are around, then "its a wrap".

Ok, I can feel the daggers and the comments coming as we speak. But hey, it is what it is.

There is another reason. I just recently read an article that explains that many men don't want to get married for fearful reasons. More men fear a failed marriage more than being single. See, divorces can be ugly and messy (but they are necessary at times for infidelity, domestic violence, etc...). The thought of men having to deal with an ugly court battle, child support, alimony, visitation rights, another man "around my kids" syndrome, being a statistic, the list is endless, is a very unnerving thought. Who wants to be bothered with all that? Why would he trade his freedom, peace and quiet, not having to "report in" to somebody, can do what he wants with his money, can come and go as he pleases, etc... for a captivity that has more than a 50% chance of failure? More than 50% percent of all marriages are ending in divorce.

If that isn't enough, some women don't help at all. The silliness, and ridiculous petty drama does not make us want to take our chances with the "M" word. Believe it or not, no man (in his right mind) wants to be married to a woman who's life resembles a "Housewives of Atlanta" episode. A man wants a good intelligent woman with good sense and maturity.

If you are a woman who whines a lot, you are going to be SINGLE. Would you like some cheese with all that  whine? Constant pouting and whining is irritating to a man. Our train of thought is very simple. If she is just my "girlfriend" then I can leave when she starts whining. If she is my "wife" then I have to live with it. Guess we ain't getting married.

Are you needy? If you are, another need you have (no pun intended) is to recognize that you are gonna be checking that "single" box on your tax forms. Needy women are going to be single! Why, because a needy woman will drain a man dry. Not just financially but emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically. A man wants a woman who is capable of functioning while he is not present. In other words, he wants a woman who can "hold it down".

Now, it is a mans nature to want to be a woman's "knight in shining armor" but not necessarily every single day. That kind of rescuing would wear out every knight at the round table! Understand that a man is there to help you and will gladly do anything that you desire. However, he wants a woman and doesn't want to raise a daughter. Balance is key. Even if you are very independent, its good to show some "selective vulnerability".

 See ladies, its not bad so far. In the next edition of  "The Quick and Dirty" we will delve deeper in why some women aren't married and how you can change it. Stay tuned for more.

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