Tuesday, September 22, 2009

And You Wonder Why You're NOT Married II

I lived!! I survived! I was hit by some of the daggers that were thrown at me because of the last blog! However, I'm quite sure that I will incur some damage on the count of this next edition of "The Quick and Dirty".

We are discussing why we're NOT married. Why aren't you married? I'm sure you desire to be some day (maybe). Maybe circumstances are your problem, and maybe YOU are the circumstance that IS your problem. In the last edition, I outlined a few possible reasons that you may still be single. Whiny, needy, irresponsible women, etc.. will not be married quickly. 

Trust me ladies, a man is not interested in a woman that he can trust with his heart but not his wallet. Or if you say "tell me dirty joke" and he says "The kitchen" and laughs, Its not going to work. These are sure fire ways to make sure that you are singing "One is the lonliest number".Why would someone marry a person with the same weaknesses as them? Amplified by the fact that everything going on around us in society causes men to RUN from marriage.

The music we hear, talks about being ballers, players, and men sleeping with and desiring all the women in the world. Movies don't help either, many of them involve infidelity and it is made to look a lot more appealing than being faithful. We see so much free sex in the music videos, T.V., movies, we are constantly inundated by a myriad of reasons not to be married. Besides "alimony" and "child support" are curse words to a man.

The deck is really stacked against the instituion of marriage. So how do you beat the odds? What can you do to change this set of circumstances? I will tell you. Its all very simple

1. Its not the enemy, its the "inner me". A blind man once said "the keenest eye is the one that looks inward". Look into yourself. If you really search, you KNOW why you're alone. If you don't see why, then you're not looking hard enough. Now, no one is perfect but learning to hone and develop things that will be effective as a wife will greatly improve your odds. Developing things like cooking, maintaining a clean house, managing finance, balancing a well kept family (if you have children) all while looking good, you are on your way to succeeding where others have failed

2. The golden standard. Ok, I know what I'm gonna say sounds impossible but its the only way. WOMEN UNITE!! As long as you guys are fragmented and divided, you will never win. Women must hold men to a higher standard! Don't accept a mans foolishness. Demand your respect. Not by have a nasty attitued and pouting like a child. Not by standing by the car door until he opens it for you. That is at best stupid and foolish. But you demand respect by carrying yourself with respect and keeping a standard. That is what makes a man want to be that gentleman.

We will discuss more solutions in the next edition of "The Quick and Dirty". Stay Tuned for more

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