Saturday, August 1, 2009

High Maintenance Women (Who's Right)

I may really go down for this one! Though I am one who is quite acquainted with controversy as it relates to "The Quick and Dirty", I guess, even for me, I'm really pushing it this time. This blog is all about the so called "High Maintenance Women".

First, What is a High Maintenance Woman? Second, does she have a right to be high maintenance? Third is she worth it?

A high maintenance woman is a woman who knows her worth and doesn't mind letting a man know that she will accept no less. Could she be defined as the materialistic, gold digging, mani/pedi, spa treatment, user who wants to do nothing more than drain a mans wallet and rule his world? The answer is YES!

Is she worth it? Well, that all depends on the man. The thing that makes a high maintenance woman "high Maintenance" is...Drum roll.......the effectiveness of her ability to convince a man that she is worth it! That's all it is!! High maintenance is relative. If she convinces a man that she is worth all the material as well as emotional perks, then she will get what she wants from any man. Men will willfully do all of their bidding, and much more just for a chance
to be in their company or to be able to say "I'm with her". They will become the "whipped" or "sprung" man that is carrying around the woman's purse in the mall while she tries on a million new outfits that HE is about to pay for!

Is she wrong? Not at all! Any woman that knows her worth is well worth any perks that are given to her. However, a man must consider, is he getting a good ROI or Return On Investment. If you do shower her with gifts and give in to her whims and bend over backwards to please her, do you get that same in return for your sacrifice? Does she render that back to you in respect and sharing etc...?

If not, then Bro, you are getting PLAYED and are well on your way to getting the "All Day Sucker Award". Remember that worth is relative. She is only worth it if she is rendering to you the same level of love etc.... So Brothers, here is the quick and dirty on how you deal with a High Maintenance Woman

1. Don't get caught up. Its of utmost importance to remain grounded regardless of a woman's beauty, charm, sex appeal, or manner. Though those characteristics are wonderful, do not let them fool you into going on a fools errand with no "gold at the end of the rainbow". Keep your wits about you. No matter how good she looks or how much charm she has, If there is no return on investment, then its a liability and not an asset.

2. Pace yourself. Don't fall into that trap of trying to woo a woman by offering her gifts and prizes.
Many women will take the gifts but still not render you the due respect that you so well deserve (if you are an honest faithful man). Don't start out with big gifts, if you do, then they
will have to get even bigger as time goes on. The woman's expectation will increase. Instead, take advantage of a woman's fancy of "little things". Sending cards, a single rose, a picnic in the park, a walk on the beach, complimenting her, being gentle and caring, rubbing her feet, writing her a poem. These are things that don't cost much if anything but some time and thought. Start there and build up to the bigger material things later.

3. Be willing to abort the mission. A woman that knows that she has has you "hen pecked" will never fully respect you. If a woman doesn't respect you or takes you for granted then be not afraid to leave. Trust me, there are many more fish in the sea. It will cost you a lot less in in the long run.

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