Sunday, July 5, 2009

You Can Learn A Lot From A Prostitute

Now that I have your attention, please allow me to explain. First and foremost, I don't condone any part of prostitution. It is without a doubt one of the most immoral occupations in the world even though it is said to be the oldest occupation in the world.

I guess that disclaimer really puts me behind the 8 ball now. Nevertheless, I will give you the quick and dirty on what a lady can learn from a "lady of the night".

1. First of all, no service is free, everything has a price. A customer (aka: John) must pay for service. Ladies, you should not give free service. I am not referring to sex now. Your time, your conversation, your attention, gifts, catering, your company etc... These things and others constitute value. You are a woman of great and phenomenal value! Be not afraid to demand the highest price for your value. You must be compensated well because NO ONE can be a better YOU than YOU! Make him pay with kindness, attention, respect, affection, committment and some dinner dates too!! If you don't know your value then you will never get what you really are really worthy of.

2. The more he comes back, the higher the price. Obviously, if he keeps coming back, then there is something about you he likes. Think of the "price increase" as "inflation". You are in very short supply and there is a great demand. Automatically, the price goes up!! If he does not want to give what you are worth in respect, consideration, affection etc... then he is not worth your time and it would be best to let him go on his way. If he doesn't keep coming back, don't run after him! Women of value don't beg consumers, consumers seek them out. Trust me, there are many others. Your value is not in question, HIS sight IS! There may be many women but there is only one YOU and YOU make all the difference in the world!

3. Be the best at it! You should have a doctorate degree in "YOUology". Once you get him, its time to perform. Be that woman of value and class and integrity that you claim to be. Be the best you and display daily why your value is more than any other and thats what "keeps 'em comin' back".

These principles can really help you if you work them. Know what your value is and demand it before any "service" is given. This is what you can learn from a prostitute.


  1. I was interested in your article as I have written a similar one.. "Learning from Lucifer and the Atheists".

    But I found certain points in your article contradicting with the Word of God. Few of them are:

    Col 3:18 >> Wifes be subject to your husbands.
    1 Cor 11:3 >> Man is the head of every woman.

    After going through these words of God, How can we expect a woman to demand from his man for what she is worth...?

  2. Great observation Bro Wilson. I'm sorry I'm just replying to this comment. Please forgive me. The key for women is to see their value, 1 Corinthians 7:4 says that a wife hath not power over her own body but the husband and the husband hath not power over his own body but the wife.
    That tells us that there is a mutual submission.

    Being the head doesn't imply that he is "the boss" but it implies that he is responsible for the direction of the relationship. He should render unto the wife "due benevolence." When a man does recognize a woman's value, he will respect her and value her and treat her as his prize possession. When that happens, a woman won't have a problem submitting to a man as her head.
    However in order to get to the point where there could be a marriage, a woman has to demand the respect of a man, not servitude, but respect. If the man wants to be with that woman, he should value and respect her.