Monday, August 30, 2010

Your "More" Begins with Less

Well my friends! Here we are fresh out of graduation, we have "no education" and we are jobless. So are we gonna move back in with mommy and daddy for a few months until we figure out our next move? Maybe so, but then again, maybe not. Let's not forget all we have learned on our journey. We are forgetting everything "THEY" told us! What do they know anyway, right? I have really enjoyed our journey together. It has been a fun, invigorating Oddesy into the world of "more."  Now if you are one of those who believes everything "THEY" tell you then you should probably quit reading here. The rest of us uneducated, Immature (I'm mature) people can read on and get the "more" out of life that has been waiting for you since the day you were born!!

Lets take a little glimpse at the process of "more", shall we? More always begins with "Less". Less likely, less educated, less influential, less skilled. Think about it! Think of "less" people that made "more", Rosa Parks, The Little Rock Nine, Martin Luther King Jr., Martin Luther, Bill Gates, Judge Greg Mathis, Da Vinci, President Barak Obama, Our founding Fathers, many many many more. They started as underdogs. People said they wouldn't achieve their goals. Edgar Albert Guest says " He started to sing as he tackled the thing that couldn't be done and he DID IT."

These and other similar individuals made it despite the odds! Not only famous people but what about those single moms who attain their college degree and provide better for their families, or that ex convict who turns his life around after the world writes him off, or that handicapped person who succeeds and excels regardless of their handicap, or that special needs person who learns to live and succeed on their own, that drug or alcohol addict who kicks the habit and helps others! They were "less" who became "More"!!! You can do that too!!

You have to have the determination that won't be denied!! You have to want it more than anything! Not only that, you have to go after it. Don't procrastinate and sit and just have a "pipe dream". Pursue it daily, just like those individuals did. 

You must also have a solid plan!! Failure to plan is planning for failure! Get a solid plan and move towards it! Start today. When you finish reading this blog. Whip out your legal pad, your PC, your Mac, your iPad, etc... and start making plans? Whats your first step? How many calls are you gonna make, websites you gonna check out, books you gonna check out of the library? Get your statistics and your plans. Forget what the naysayers say. Only listen to people who see what you see!! In the next edition we will discuss this process more. See you soon!!

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