Friday, August 20, 2010

Graduation With NO Education!

Good Day fellow Graduates!! Today is a celebration of your "Uneducation"! A festival of your "immaturity" (I'm Maturity). Its a jubilee of independent thought and the exploration of a vast expanse of opportunity.

Speaking of opportunity, what do you imagine? Not, what do you think? What do you IMAGINE? There is a difference. Though they are both rooted in the mind and the mind is the source of both, thinking (for the most part) involves rules. Thinking, especially in the box, is the manner in which one organizes thoughts and plays them out in ones mind according to their exposure to a limited amount of things or experiences. It would be like having a computer that has an operating system but no programs other than "Solitare" and "Word Pad" on it. Though the computer, has immense possibility, no matter how many gigabytes or RAM it has or how much hard drive space you have, if your computer has only been exposed to "Solitare" or "Word Pad" and "Free Cell", then that's the level it will perform up to. And while we're there, if all you do is just recreational stuff with your literal computer, you will never experience the "More" in your life. Use its full potential! Search out some things that can benefit you in the future!!

Imagination is different. Imagination is mental creativity beyond imposed rules. Imagination has no fear. Imagination runs freely. Imagination seeks the highest peak only to use it as a springboard to another world. This is where we want to find ourselves! In the realm of imagination (maybe Willie Wonka will meet us there).
Scientific visionary and genius Albert Einstein credited his creativity and his imagination for the great things he discovered in our universe and not his intelligence. When he was a boy, he imagined himself riding next to a beam of light, the rest is history. Where do you imagine yourself? Do you know how to imagine yourself? What beam of light are you riding next to? What do you think is so crazy that you don't even want to tell you friends? What can you see?

Now, thinking is not the enemy of imagination. They have a love hate relationship but they do help one another. In our next edition of "The Quick and Dirty" we will show how they  relate and why they need each other.

So, go celebrate your graduation and do something for yourself today!! Its the beginning of a new era in your life. Stay tuned, we'll talk soon!


  1. There's definitely a lot of things that I imagine and feel a little uneasy about sharing. I think I'll imagine me a couple of resources that will help me reach my dreams. Seems like the writer of "I believe I can fly" had something right.

  2. I'm Honored by your comment Dear! Thank you for supporting