Monday, November 7, 2011

Dr. Stephen Hawking the Fool....

The Discover Channel recently aired a series called "Curiousity," which was intended to answer some of the most challenging questions of our time by presenting the latest scientific discoveries. It is an extremely mentally stimulating series of programming on their part. It is very informative and thought provoking and I've greatly enjoyed the experience of delving into some of the "whys" and "hows" of life and how their experts answer some of the most perplexing questions we have.

Among the individuals which offered their expertise during the course of the series was scientific luminary and brilliant theoretical cosmologist Dr Stephen Hawking. He sought to answer the question "Did God create the universe?" Hawking responded "There is no God."

For his reason, he cited the law of cause and effect. He explained that random selection is a law of nature on a quantum scale. Quantum mechanics deals with the study of sub atomic particle that form our universe as we know it. Hawking disputed the fact that God existed because according to the laws of cause and effect, there would have been no "TIME" in which God could have made the universe. According to Hawking, TIME didn't exist before "The Big Bang" so no God could have created anything without a time to exist in. Also, random selection is extremely normal on a quantum level and is a law of nature. He feels as though we could have very well could have come out of nowhere. LITERALLY!

Dr. Stephen Hawking, you're a fool! Why? Psalms 14:1 says "....The fool hath said in his heart, There is no G
od..." Now, I'm not calling Dr Hawking a "Fool," the Bible is calling him a FOOL, and since God IS the Word, GOD is calling him a Fool. Professor Hawking may be one of the most brilliant figures of our time in areas of the cosmos (particularly black holes) but he needs to go back to kindergarten with his knowledge of God.
His explanation is inherently flawed by the same laws of the universe he speaks of. First, if TIME, or anything else for that matter, never existed before "The Big Bang," then how could a law of nature exist before there was a nature for it to govern and a TIME for it to govern in?

Also, how could cause and effect or random selection have had any place, even according to the laws of quantum mechanics, if there was no cause at all to even have an effect?

Also, if a God is powerful enough to create a universe and all that is in it, he is DEFINITELY powerful enough to create and exist OUT OF TIME. If God needed TIME in order to exist, then that would mean that TIME is greater than God, hence making TIME into God. Not at all possible. God created TIME as a governor of the universe and as a gift to man but NOTHING is greater than God.

God masterfully created the universe, we don't fully know each and every process he used nor the timetable he used. Scientists help us uncover the mysteries of the processes God used to create the universe but it is no doubt ALL GOD!

I respect Dr. Stephen Hawking's intelligence, contribution to science, and accomplishments despite his debilitating  illness, but only God could have created such a vast, awesome, beautiful, awe inspiring spectrum of amazing and complex things full of life and brilliance! God is truly REAL!!

I will continue this series.......                                                                                                                                                               

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