Thursday, June 10, 2010

You're Childish and Immature!!!

Hello my friends!! Once again I'm back at you with another exciting enthralling and challenging edition of The Quick and Dirty. We are going for the "more" in our lives. Now, when I say "more" I'm not necessarily talking about money. Money is only ONE manifestation of "more" (and a good one at that). This is not a get rich quick blog but the things contained in this blog can give you the confidence and awareness to know YOU CAN DO IT, and open you mind to HOW YOU CAN DO IT.

Well, how do we do it? Any ideas? Ok, here goes. You have to become immature and act like a kid. That simple. Ok, see you next time!!!
OH, my bad!! I didn't explain how or why.
It's all pretty simple. Think of all of the aspects that kids have. Jesus even said that you have to enter the kingdom as a little child. Remember the verse in Isaiah that said "and a little child shall lead them?" Why?
Well, children believe they can do anything. They don't limit themselves. Its adults that tell them "It's make believe", "You'll get hurt", "Play it safe". Songstress Anita Baker's mom told her not to give up her typing job to be a professional singer. What if she would have listened? There are countless other examples of people not listening to the people who told them to "play it safe".

 Children have that belief in themselves. You have to be TAUGHT how to think in limits! Adults teach limits. Education limits, minimum grade requirements, recess times, speed limits, grade limits, city limits, legal limits, credit card limits, finance and loan limits, limits on your daytime minutes on you phone plan, limits on your data plan, limits on how many songs you can download, how much money you can take out of the ATM in a day, limits on how much you can spend on your debit card in a day. You are taught limits from the time you are born. That's why so many people have such a hard time going against the grain and getting "more" out of life. They think in limits.
Forget everything! Uneducate yourself in "limitology". Become immature. Immature is really "I'M MATURE". Act like a child!! Children aren't self conscious about how they look, dress, act who they are seen with or play with. Adults teach self consciousness by what we instill in kids. Get over yourself. Forget what people think and say!! They are just another limit who ain't doing NOTHIN' for you!

Besides, What is MATURE anyway? Who decides what "mature" is? Who is the standard setter on what is mature or not? The only idea of mature you have is what some "adults" TOLD you mature was or wasn't. Think about it, you don't even know where THEY got the information from!! You just believed them. All you do and believe is because of what you are TAUGHT and TOLD. Your morals, ethics, ideas, religion etc.... All have been taught to you by someone else. All of the ideas you have learned from other places have kept you in the dark about who you REALLY are and WHAT you can become.

In our next edition we will have a graduation ceremony for your UNEDUCATION and show you how to be "IMMATURE" or "I'M MATURE"! See you soon!!

Stay tuned

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