Friday, June 4, 2010

Don't be SCURRED!!!

Let me ask you something. Why do you think doing the same thing everyday will get you somewhere? Why do you think that somewhere your ship will come in and things will change and all of a sudden you will be rich or own a business or be famous etc...?
Sorry to burst your bubble but guess what, IT AIN'T HAPPENIN!! Hang it up! Life is pretty much what its gonna be for you.You may add a wife/husband and some kids to the equation, and that ain't necessarily anything to brag about, but pretty much thats gonna be it.
Now, let me issue my disclaimer. If you are happy with your life then this edition of  "The Quick and Dirty" isn't about you. Some of you don't desire to be rich or famous and thats fine. However if you want "more" out of life. More being; a deeper sense of purpose, a new perspective, starting something new and meaningful, going to the next level, making more of yourself, reaching that goal, imaging a new YOU, being more, then keep reading. As soon as you get over the initial sting, it will be grand!!!
It is quite natural for humans to seek adventure. We are born with that desire. Children are normally without fear.  They love adventure, they are daring, and courageous. They believe they can do anything they see others (on TV or elsewhere) doing. They imagine themselves flying, being super heroes, the president, etc.... without the slightest bit of self consciousness. Well if we are born with that sense of adventure, then why don't we have it as adults?

 I will tell you. The reason is because we learn a lifestyle of FEAR from adults. Now, I'm not against exercising caution and being safe. That is very necessary and we should. Nonetheless, we learn how to be fearful from our teachers, parents, and others. In their attempts to show us how to be cautious, and careful, they, many times, also sap our sense of daring and adventure and tell us to take a safe path. We are placed into "the box" and never truly learn how to get out of it.
How do we get out of that box? How do we recapture our sense of adventure and fearlessness? How do we learn to dream and imagine again? How do we have greater expectations out of life? How do we do bigger and better things? How do we become that "more" without settling for less?
Stay tuned, and we will discuss how to become that "more" you haven't yet dreamed of becoming.

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