Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Why Do You Attract the Same Person II?

Have no fear, I'm back for the next phase of the question; Why do I attract the SAME person?  Now that we have identified the problem we can get a solution, but, its a little deeper than that. We don't want to just remove "Symptoms", we want to address the SOURCE of the problem. The source of the problem is you! Your soul (mind) is like a magnet. It is going to attract things, people, opportunities, careers, situations, scenarios, that are like it. It sends vibrations, if you will, throughout the universe and everything in that wavelength responds to it. We have have to change that vibration or wavelength or type of magnet.
I will give you the quick and dirty on how to do this! Now, you may need to get some further counseling or a life coach or something. I'm not suggesting that you will change instantly just by reading this blog, but, I'm not suggesting that you won't either!

1. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.  What is it about you that attracts a certain kind of person? Dig,  identify why you get with the same people. You may need to get some counseling or from a professional counselor or your pastor, or someone in this area but you have to get over that hump before you can change. Dr. Phil says, "You can't change what you don't acknowledge."

2. Identify what is most important to you. What do you REALLY want in a relationship with another? Is it love, respect, care, compassion, companionship, honesty, support, intelligence, sense of humor, blah blah blah? Then begin to display that in your character. Remember, your soul is a magnet. Its going to attract what you ARE.

3. Get rid of negative influences! I have read many many many self help books, how to get rich books, starting a business books etc... One thing they all pretty much have in common is GET RID OF ALL  NEGATIVE PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE. If you want to be successful, negative people suck the life out of your dreams, aspirations, desires and out of YOU! Get rid of those people who complain and bellyache and talk negatively about others. A good litmus test to tell who they are is to judge the results. If they always have someone to blame why they haven't succeeded or if they always follow every positive comment you make with a negative one of their own. If they always try to tell you every reason why you CAN'T, then get rid of em. They will keep you in that same cycle, attracting the same stuff as ! Get it together. Leave those graveyard dwellers alone. You will attract new upbeat, positive, determined friends and go to the next level!

. Try subtle changes. Radical change isn't always good necessarily. Try more subtle changes. Try your hair a different way, try a new outfit or style of dress. If you're very conservative, let your shirt hang out or wear something a little more stylish, go to a different restaurant or coffee shop other than the one you always go to, drive to another city or part of town and see how other people enjoy themselves, pick up a book instead of just watching TV all the time, make a new and creative e mail address, work out,  get out more. Now, going to all the night clubs isn't "getting out more". Take a walk in the park, go to a play or see some live poetry. Do some things that you don't USUALLY do! You'll find out a lot more about yourself. And, when you go into different circles, you will meet different people. Be not afraid of change. Quit making excuses why you  or you don't have time. MAKE TIME! Tell those little voices in your head to SHUT UP. Moderation is the key, don't overdo it at first.

Making subtle changes will help you to make great changes. Once you see the results it will  help you open your mind and project a newer more positive vibration. That way, you won't attract the same ol same ol, or the thugs, or drama queens, etc.... You will be able to enjoy fulfillment and that will attract the right people. I'll meet you at the park, wave "Hi" to me when you see me on the park bench typing up "The Quick and Dirty"   


  1. Did I say that u were the best? ... By the way Hun.. I was at the "other" park .. or I missed ya!.. None the Less KUDOS!!! Keep writing! Muah!

  2. Thank you so much Dear!! You are amazing personified!!