Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ladies Rules on How to Get the Guy YOU WANT!

Ladies, I hear many of you say all the time that you never get the kind of guy that you WANT. Then many of you go on to say that you always seem to attract the "losers" or the "crazies" or the "Stalkers" etc..... Well how do you attract the guy that you want?

In the age of many books about how to "think like a man" and so many other things, I am going to give you the quick and dirty about how to do it and save you a lot of money.

1. Check yourself! James Allen very emphatically says in "As A Man Thinketh" that "A man does not attract what he wants, he attracts what he is". First thing, ladies, see what you are. What is your vibe? What kind of energy do you project? Quite possibly, that may be the reason that you don't attract the guy that you want. Learn to project and, more importantly, become confidence, surety, positivity, and grace. By doing this, your positive energy and confidence will begin to be a magnet to men of quality.

2. Enlarge your thoughts. Men have relationships with women that are interesting, intriguing, and intelligent, they will have "relations" with almost any woman. Being able to converse intelligently about fantasy football, the latest "guy flick", UFC fighters, gadgets, and other things cause a guy to yearn for more of your conversation. Mental stimulation is a must for men. Also understanding what a man is into and asking him questions about it is very helpful. Men are attracted to any thing that is attracted to their passion.

3. Dress the part. It is often said that women dress for other women and not for men. That debate could rage on for eternity. What is true about it is that a man doesn't want a relationship with a woman who dresses "slutty" or "trampish". She may get a few glances and a trip to the boudoir but not an introduction to Mom. A man doesn't want HIS woman showing all her goods to every Tom, Dick, and Harry in the street. Being fashion savvy and dressing stylishly are great qualities, in addition, dressing event appropriate and with class are great ways to attract the man that you WANT

4. Less is always more. The less attention you give to a man, the more he will want your attention and will do whatever it takes to get it. Don't "sell" your attention so "cheaply"!! It is a mans nature to be competitive. We are creatures of conquest. A man will work for what he sees value in. If something comes easy to him, ie: sex, attention, catering, gifts etc.... he will take it for granted and will not value it. If he has to work and work hard for it he will appreciate and value it, thereby valuing YOU.

5.Be willing to walk. My mother always says "say what you mean and mean what you say". Do not say "I'm finished with you " just to get back the next day. If a man has behavior that is contradistinctive to what you want, then you must be strong enough to leave. A man will respect a woman that is strong and confident and has self respect. Though some men will "try" you. As a woman you must be willing to walk away and close the door if necessary. When a man understands that you are willing to go to the edge if necessary, he will respect you and will not try to push you to your limit. Respect is the foundation of any successful relationship.

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